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This page contains annotated games by other local Juniors - play these through and learn!

Do you have a game you would like included? If so then contact either :

Maryann McDonald maryannm@hotmail.co.uk


Nihad Abdullazada abdullazada07@live.co.uk

We started with a game by one of our junior internationalists, Murad Abdullah, followed  by a scrap between two of our promising youngsters played at the NEJCA event at Portknockie. The third game involves another NEJCA scrap, between a strong J14 and one of our J11 internationalists, this from the 2013 Allegro event held at Stonehaven. The fourth game came from the 2013 Training Day at the end of which the coaches gave a simultaneous display - but not always successfully as you will see! The fifth was from the same event and again the team of coaches came off second best. You can download the complete file here). The next game is not by a junior but by one of the junior coaches, WFM Joy Durno. Here she demonstrates how to play the Benoni defence and shows the principles used to make this a very aggressive opening for Black. This game is aimed at the stronger junior payers.  The 'V' arrow on the top right allows you to choose which game to play through.

You can play through either game by clicking the > symbol at the bottom of the board, the other symbols take you to the start or end of game, go to previous move or 'flip' the board so Black is at the bottom.  

Alternatively, you can click on the moves given in the text on the right and this will take you to that position and also allow you to play through the alternative moves given. Try it!!