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Updated April 2016


1.1 The name of the organisation shall be ‘The North East Junior Chess Association’,

       hereinafter referred to as “the Association” or “NEJCA”.


2.1 The objectives of the Association are to foster and promote the game of chess amongst juniors throughout the north-east of Scotland. A junior is defined as a child up to the age of eighteen.

2.2 In particular the Association should: -                                                                                                    

(a) organise tournaments for teams and individuals

(b) arrange training and/or coaching events

(c) improve the standard of chess of junior chess players in the north-east of Scotland

(d) encourage the formation and continuation of school and junior clubs

(e) liaise with any appropriate body involved in the promotion of junior chess.

2.3 The Association shall be a non-profit making organisation.


3.1 The Association shall consist of four classes of member: -

(a) ‘MEMBER CLUBS’, being such chess clubs who have been admitted to membership under paragraph 3.2

(b) ‘PRESIDENTS’, being the President for the time being together with any such persons who have held the office of President at any time during the three years before the commencement of the immediately preceding Annual meeting of the Council.

(c) ‘OFFICERS’, being the Treasurer and the Secretary for the time being holding office under paragraph 6.

(d) ‘COMMITTEE MEMBERS’, being elected under the procedures in Paragraph 6.

3.2 Member Clubs shall be open to any: -

(a) School Chess Club

or (b) Junior Chess Club

or (c) Chess Clubs (adult) having juniors among their members

that have entered either one team or 4 individual players in any NEJCA tournament held in the 12 months preceding the AGM.

3.3 Each Member Club may appoint a representative to act as its’ voting

     representative. The name and address of the representative should be notified to the NEJCA Secretary or President.  A change of such representative must be notified in writing to the NEJCA   Secretary by the Member Club.


4.1 The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall in normal circumstances be held in June each year. Should the Council decide that the AGM must be delayed it must be held no later than the last week in September.

4.2 The agenda of the AGM shall include: -                                                                                                            

(a) The President’s Report

(b) The Secretary’s Report

(c) The Treasurer’s Report, which shall include an audited Statement of Accounts for the previous financial year ending on 31st March, and a recommendation for the subscriptions to be paid by members

(d) Determination of the subscriptions to be paid by members.

(e) The election of the President, Secretary, Treasurer, Committee Members and an Auditor, each to serve for the ensuing year.

(f) Other matters of which due notice has been given.


5.1 The secretary shall give each Member involved a minimum of two weeks’ notice of the place, date, and hour of, and the business to be transacted, at any Annual or Council Meeting.

5.2 The Chair at Council and Annual General Meetings shall be taken by the President. In the absence of the President, the Members representatives present may choose the Chairperson from among their number. Committees shall elect their own Chairperson.

5.3 The quorum shall be 50% of those entitled to be represented.

5.4 Each Member in good standing present shall have one vote, except for the Chairperson. The Chairperson shall have a vote in the event of a tie.

5.5 Voting shall normally be by a show of hands, but a secret ballot shall be held at the request of one Member present and with the agreement of the Chairperson. Requests for a secret ballot on elections and votes of no confidence shall not be refused.

5.6 Changes to this Constitution may only be made at a properly called Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting and require a two-thirds majority of those present and voting. Substantive motions to change the Constitution must be presented in writing to the Secretary at least three weeks before the Annual General Meeting.  All other decisions require a simple majority of those present and voting.

5.7 On any previously circulated motion or election to office, Members may submit a proxy vote in writing to either the Secretary or President.


6.1 The Executive Office Bearers of the Association shall be a President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and Committee Members. These Officers do not necessarily have to be representatives of Members. Tasks, such as Tournament Organiser, Fund Raiser etc may be allocated to members of the Committee as deemed proper.

6.2 Persons wishing to stand for a position should inform the secretary. Nominations for positions shall be acceptable if given at a General Meeting. All nominations must be seconded and have the agreement of the candidate. Former Office Bearers are eligible for election to any post.


7.1 Between General Meetings the Office Bearers meeting as the Council shall conduct the affairs of the Association in accordance with the Constitution and Rules currently in force.

7.2 A decision of the Council can be overridden only by a General Meeting.

7.3 Council shall have the power to prescribe such rules as it deems necessary for the satisfactory handling of the Association affairs; to appoint sub-committees from within its members and to co-opt onto these committees such persons as it deems   advantageous to the well-being of the Association; and to fill any vacant position amongst Office Bearers

7.4 Council shall meet at least twice between Annual General Meetings.


8.1. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called for the purpose of dissolving the North East Junior Chess Association (NEJCA) following the procedures detailed in sections 5.1 and 5.6 of the Constitution.  Should a motion to dissolve succeed, any assets would be transferred to Chess Scotland in trust until such time as a new organisation in the area is formed and approved by Chess Scotland. If no such organisation is formed within 5 years, then the funds held may be distributed by Chess Scotland for the sole purpose of supporting junior chess within Scotland.


9.1 The NEJCA adopts and adheres to the policy and any subsequent amendments on ‘Child Protection and Adults at Risk’ established by Chess Scotland (see http://www.chessscotland.com and link ‘schools’, ‘Chess Scotland policy’, ‘Child Protection Policy’).

This document can also be downloaded as a Word (2003) file here